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Gods of Men, the Sons of Ares

Gods of Men, the Sons of Ares

ByChristopher de Salis

Life is harsh at the Rearing, very harsh, as Lysander learns on his first day… Exert: (‘Fear will wither you … it will destroy you…’ The Cyclops’ malevolent eye slowly roved them, the boys daren’t look … one look and they’d be turned to stone. ‘You must endure in silence and without complaint. This is the Spartan way. Endure or perish…’) So begins the adventure, and the life of Lysander, born for one purpose - War … and in its irresistible dazzle, and convoluting intrigues, the boy becomes a man with a destiny. He will love a prince, and make a king, who will become his enemy… Exert: (Anaxilaos was fast for an old man, fast and deadly  in a heartbeat he was on his feet, spinning to Timotheos, drawing his sword and ramming it up under his chin, driving the leaf-blade into his mouth, through his tongue up into his skull like skewered mutton, and Timotheos’ sword wasn’t even half way drawn…) Treachery and intrigue are everywhere. Just who can you trust along the road to War?


Publication Date
Sep 15, 2011
Social Science
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By (author): Christopher de Salis



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