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End Anxiety: A Practical and Specialized Guide for the Control and Management of Emotions, Overcoming Anxiety, and All its Symptoms

ByChristopher Páez

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If you want to learn the most effective methods to overcome anxiety and all its symptoms, then you have to read this practical and specialized book. Do you feel that your thoughts suffocate you, are negative and you cannot control them? Do you want to learn to control, overcome anxiety and all its symptoms permanently? Have you had panic episodes or do you suffer from a phobia and have not been able to overcome it? Controlling and overcoming anxiety is possible. Experts define the state of anxiety as an emotional reaction of apprehension, tension and worry as a discharge from the nervous system. With this guide focused on solving these and many symptoms that anxiety causes, you will learn the best and practical tips to deal with this problem and not let it dominate your life or change your way of being or relating to others. In this book you will find: What is anxiety and why is it important to accept it? How to know if you suffer from anxiety. What should you do in an anxiety crisis? How can you prevent anxiety before it's too late? The step by step to control anxiety and overcome it. What are the causes of your anxiety? How to identify and manage a panic attack. Practical strategies to control anxiety and all its symptoms. Tips of great value to work on your phobias and overcome them. How should you act before a panic attack? Best relaxation techniques for anxiety. Are you ready to control your anxiety?


Publication Date
Jun 24, 2022
Personal Growth
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By (author): Christopher Páez


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US Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm)

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