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On the Meaning of Sin

ByChristopher Stewart

Growing up is hard work. As we architect our lives, responding to the requirements of our path is demanding enough as it is without having to address additional annoyances that get in the way of our personal development. Still, what if all those irritations were actually the results of our own errors, and as such as many clues inviting us to reform and to regain the itinerary we have selected for ourselves ? On the Meaning of Sin proposes a different take on the mechanics of sin, coming from the perspective of an unorthodox trajectory in the worlds of arts, science, and Oriental philosophy. In this alternative view, the cosmos provides a course-correction mechanism wherein whenever we miss the mark, we are redirected towards the enjoyment of tranquil progress towards our goals. Any individual can attain liberation, or elimination of error, at any time, and so can society as a whole. Heaven truly exists, and it is constantly beckoning us towards it.


Publication Date
Feb 5, 2012
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Christopher Stewart



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