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Breed by an Elephant 1

Forest 1

ByChristy Horse

Explicit Content
A woman is dropped off in the forest by her husband as he got tired of how she is acting as such she wants to have sex with whomever or whatever in her way. He ties her up in a special forest as he prayed to the gods to rid him of her and her slut like ways. After leaving her tied up and hanging for her fate he believes she is left to her doom, but there is more to what will happen to her. As she is left in the forest alone, she is met by a huge elephant who comes to not only take her for his own and for his lover but he can talk. As he has sex many times she learns the truth about herself and why everything is happening and as such begins to love him as her husband. The animal can talk and two form a bond as she gets pregnant with his child. The truth is this story is just a small chapter in her life and his life. To be fair it is their prelude to things to come and more about what the world in which they exist. What other things could come up for these two who you can say at the end love each other?


Publication Date
May 19, 2020
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Christy Horse



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