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Changing Into a Furry 1

ByChristy Horse

Explicit Content
A young women around the age of 22, finds herself in her single bedroom apartment not where she is used to as everything goes dark, and she soon finds herself wanting to get naked, and then go out of her apartment, once she does she finds herself surround in a dark forest, and yet she is no afraid as she steps outside of the apartment and shuts the door as she does so she is now somewhere else, and not where she used to be at. She looks around and then meets a dog man, a furry, who takes her in and tells her that he has brought her here, as he knows her desires as she has dreamt of having sex with furries and with mythological beast and monsters, as well as aliens. She dreamt of a white knight taking her off her feet and taken her from her life as she barely has the means to survive, now all of her past life, is gone and now she is on another world, where she can experience love, and peace and start a family with the beings she has so long desired, but there is also a secret, they can also change her into a furry as well. As this is just a short prelude to her journey on a new world, as she finds she is the only female on this world, surround by male furries of all types and as such, she likes the idea of having many husbands, and bring forth many children.


Publication Date
Jul 29, 2022
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Christy Horse



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