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Big Enough: A collection of stories

ByChuck Tyrell

This premium selection of some of Chuck's personal favorites includes: Big Enough, Man of Iron, Kataki, Line Rider, The Kid and the Commodore, Death of a Hunter, Requiem for a Pig, and A Father's Prayer plus 2 Bonus Features. -- -- Big Enough – A young horse wrangler decides to capture and tame a small filly. Will the horse and the wrangler be up to the challenge? Man of Iron – A bad man must choose between leaving a wounded pregnant woman to die or face the Apache who has sworn to kill him. Kataki – Sworn to avenge a death, an Oriental warrior arrives in El Paso to hire a guide to find the man he must kill. Line Rider – A paranormal story based on the legend of the Skinwalkers. -- -- "This collection is a real treat for fans of Charlie's (Chuck Tyrell) work, and if you're a first timer, then you're about to discover a fine guy and a fine author, whose stories of the West will have a permanent place on your shelf. " ~ C. Courtney Joyner ~


Publication Date
Jan 28, 2012
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Chuck Tyrell



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