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Tithe and Robbing God? A Curse Broken

ByChukwudi Chris

No Curse in Grace. Galatians 3:10, As well as it is good to encourage anyone who voluntarily decides to use one tenth(10%) of his or her earnings for serving God and humanity, it will also be right to know that God would not wish to curse anyone for not giving God a tithe(10%)income. A Curse is not associated with God as far as grace and truth has come through Jesus Christ. Know that it is only a cheerful giver that God rewards and not one who gives under pressure and fear of being cursed by God. That was why the law was imperfect and lack the power to make anyone perfect but grace and truth has perfection power. The important questions to ask ourselves are these; 1. Do we give tithe out of a cheerful and willing heart or do we give tithe because we were told that God would call us thieves and curse us with a curse if we don't give up to 10%? 2. Was a curse the true nature of God whom Jesus Christ represented in both image and likeness on earth?


Publication Date
Jul 28, 2016
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Chukwudi Chris



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