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What no one will tell you about the true origins that motivate the crisis between Russia and Ukraine

ByCinzia Palmacci

I wanted to title this book "Russia and Ukraine. Nothing is as it seems" because of this crisis that involves two territories of Eastern Europe so tormented and threatened, you will never have a clear and truthful picture, especially from the mainstream media. In truth, in addition to the "official narrative" and conforming to the unique thought to which the mainstream has always accustomed us, there is something in the history of these two territories involved in the crisis that escapes even the big networks. The key to everything is history. Few people know that present-day Ukraine was the ancient kingdom of Khazaria, because the history of the Khazarian people was deliberately erased from the news so that it would not appear in any history manual. And there's a reason. From the Khazarian people descends Zionism which, even from the genetic point of view, has nothing to do with the original Jewish lineage of Palestine. The Zionists have become the "rulers of the world" through questionable methods, to say the least. They are the masters of world finance, and to them belong the political, media, pharmaceutical and military power. The Zionists are the architects of the most unbridled globalism of which the Great Reset or Great Reset is the most odious and controversial expression. But in this increasingly tumultuous world historical framework, a part of the global axis of power has stood in the way of the diabolical plan put in place by the Zionists and caressed for centuries. The hatred of the West that orbits and serves American interests has identified an enemy: Russia. But it is above all vladimir Putin's Russia that constitutes an obstacle to US imperialism that today with Biden, without prejudice to the period in office of Donald Trump, is again aggressive and hostile towards a strong president like Putin very attached to the history and traditions of his people, so much so that he does not want to allow a military organization like NATO, considered the most vulgar expression of Western arrogance, to expand beyond its influence in Russian territory.


Publication Date
May 19, 2022
Social Science
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By (author): Cinzia Palmacci



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