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The Town Secret

ByCJ Finley

When Nurse Clover Savoy learned that her mother, Mary was out of remission with her leukemia, she was devastated; the prognosis was poor. Clover wanted to honor her mother's dying wish. Mary asked to go home to the very small town of Valleyview. It had been twenty-five years since Mary was last there. Upon the arrival of the two Rochester women to Valleyview, a puzzled Mary felt something now was different about the town; the essence of the town had changed.The nurse eventually decides to accept a position at the town medical center after the persuasion from the young, handsome town doctor, Dr. Troy Eastlin Jr. Little did Clover know that her life was about to change forever! This town had a secret and the ruthless burly sheriff, Mason Hunter would do anything to protect that secret, even kill. Clover's morals would be put to the test when the town secret becomes known to her. What would she do? What risks would she take? What choices would she have to make?


Publication Date
Sep 27, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): CJ Finley



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