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Becoming the Self Taught Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Self Help Book

ByClarence Callen

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You can be the person speaking you would pay to learn from. That change that you will need to make is just one decision away. Now is the time to make that decision just like I did some years ago. Just realize that I was the person that would walk across the street to keep from talking to the girl of my dreams. Because I was to shy to ask for a date. I was 20 years old embarrassed and alone. I only gained my self-confidence when I realized that I almost lost my opportunity to get to know her. When I heard that she had gotten married. I got over being shy and embarrassed when, fortunately, I heard that rumor was false. I decided to change, became accretive, without caution, and with purpose, I ask her for a date. We've been married for over 53 years. That's all it took for me to get over being shy. What will it take for you make the change as I did? Before It's too late to change. What job or relationship are you shying away from? Or will you be wishing you had made a different decision this time next year?


Publication Date
Sep 11, 2018
Personal Growth
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By (author): Clarence Callen


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