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Questions [ To theists in general, to Christians in particular ]

Questions [ To theists in general, to Christians in particular ]

ByClear Conscience

I'm an innovative and curious person. My grandfather was a general secretary of a YMCA half a century ago, my parents also somewhat believes in the existence of "God". With that kind of influence I want to know the details of this so called "God", I have a lot of friends who also believe in God or Gods, and yet no one seems to know what I want to know about Him, if He ever exists. Often times there were Mormons, Christians and Jehovah's Witnesses came knocking on my door on Saturday mornings, I would invite them in and ask them my questions, but none of them could offer me all the answers. Time after time I was disappointed, and yet I still want to know the answers, so I decided to write down all my major questions and complied a 36-question pamphlet, every time someone knocks on my door again, I can hand him this pamphlet and say : "If you can answer ALL my questions in this pamphlet, come back and let's discuss, otherwise, don't waste your time and mine !". But no one ever came back ...


Publication Date
Dec 6, 2010
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Clear Conscience



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