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Space-Girl Michelle Kao Mabbie

ByClinton Armer

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The fifth installment of the Space-Girl Michelle series. Kao Mabbie was described as a handsome man with a friendly face. On earth, he would be a movie star. People found him easy to trust. He used every opportunity available to rise to power in an effort to betray the United Free Planets. He was defeated in his treason by Space-Girl Therese and again defeated by her as he tried to take the galaxy by force. Kao Mabbie, the great evil in the shadows, continues to seek the destruction of the United Free Planets. The galaxy again turns to Space-Girl Therese for one more war to save freedom. Therese must become Space-Girl Michelle as the team fights for their lives against a cunning enemy who seems to always be several moves ahead of them. The mysterious Space-Girl Allyson Fox returns from the grave to avenge her own death at the hands of Kao Mabbie. Julie, the Shadowbird, fights to save her family and her friends as she solves the mystery of Allyson Fox. The Phram, Motons, Skoa, Vax and Grey remnants will give all to kill her. Julie is anguish as she determines she will be destroyed and faces the worst heartbreak as she will either lose the first guy to ever love her or worse, if she survives, outlive him nearly forever. Space-Girl Michelle is the dark comedy romantic coming of age science-fiction series that started with Space-Girl Michelle fan club, where Therese Bundy of earth survives high school to regain her best friend for life and join the Space-Girls. Book 2, Space-Girl Michelle anthems continues the saga as Therese’s team fights to save the earth and the galaxy. Book 3, Space-Girl Michelle Anthems brings back the depth of the series as Therese fights to keep her friends alive and travels back in time to relive the most difficult time of her life. Book 4, Space-Girl Michelle Mr Dangersworth explains the origins of Space-Girl Michelle and the Shadowbird, while Therese’s sister Julie joins the team with her own pack of teenage misfits. Now, it all comes together in Space-Girl Michelle Kao Mabbie.


Publication Date
Aug 30, 2020
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Clinton Armer


Interior Color
Black & White
US Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm)

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