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The Magic City Captured By Miami Vice, Scarface, and Other Popular Shows

ByCol James Staubach, US Army Retired

This illustrated book is unique. Fans of Miami Vice, Scarface, Burn Notice, Ballers, and 80s Miami movies will appreciate it. The book will also interest students of Miami history and Art Deco as well as those nostalgic about Miami in the 80s. It explains for the first time that the earlier shows are a time capsule of long gone Miami scenes. They serve as a record of when Miami was 1980s America on steroids. Burn Notice, an innovative show in its own right, followed Miami Vice's lead. When compared to similar scenes from Vice, Burn Notice and Ballers reveal the distinctiveness of the 80s. This more recent TV shows also provides a window into today's Miami. The guide shows where views of long gone iconic locations and typical Miami scenes can be found on the DVDs. The value of Miami Vice to South Florida is explained. Personal observations are provided by the author who lived there during the Vice years. All music played on Miami Vice is listed as well as key locations in all Vice and Burn Notice episodes.


Publication Date
May 13, 2014
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Col James Staubach, US Army Retired



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