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5 Texts inspired by Naja

ByColin Chabot

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UNDER HYPNOSIS MY STORY From as far as I can remember, I have always been fascinated, even obsessed, by everything that concerns the extraterrestrials as if, in secret, they were playing an important role in my life. At 63 years old, I have finally decided to consult a hypnotherapist to discover the reason of this obsession. I had to go further and at last explore the hidden face of my story buried in my hold subconscious. After 5 sessions of hypnosis containing so much valuable information on my story, I took the decision to retranscribe it faithfully in this text . THE GRAYS WHO ARE THEY REALLY? Here is the summary of a long reflection on the extraterrestrial race which is commonly called the Grays. It should bring nuances to negative perception which is current today in many persons. The respect of all forms of life, accompanied by an openness of conscience, should be the base of any desire of contact. This includes also the meeting with other terrestrial or extraterrestrial races. THE REPTILIANS MY FRIENDS I retranscribe here the information received on the reptilian race since, under hypnosis, I told that I was in connection with them since the age of 4; the age where they started to abduct me. With time, I learned to know them up to the point of being able to call them my friends. I could then identify their origin, the diversity of their species, the extent of their civilization and their way of daily life. WALK-IN EXPERIENCE In the winter 2004-05 during a stay of six weeks in a small village in Mexico, I started a series of uncommon experiences. The initial goal was to merge with what I believed at that time to be my superior self but turned out subsequently to be an extraterrestrial. Many of my experiences are instinctive. At that time, I did not yet know the term walk-in to describe persons who accept to be invested of a superior entity or extraterrestrial. It means to trust and believe that all this has its reason of being for the evolution of the two protagonists. THE EXTRATERRESTRIALS OUR CREATORS Here is the story of an extraterrestrial who has participated, as one of the main actors, in the implantation of the most recent human race on earth, as experienced by himself. This happened approximately 35 thousand years ago. His testimony on his intimate adventure on earth can be taken as a simple fable or otherwise, as a true story. This is nonetheless a text of reflections on another possible vision of our origin.


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Jul 7, 2022
Personal Growth
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By (author): Colin Chabot


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