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PROPHECY end of innocence

ByColin Knibb

Investigative adventure involving ancient cultures. The main story is set in the nineteen eighties around the character Mark Roberts, Rhian Thomas his fiancée and a growing group of friends. All of which are in some way linked to the past actions of his benefactor Isaac Davies. In taking up his inheritance, Mark meets and falls in love with Rhian. While on honeymoon in Spain, they return documents to the son of Isaac’s dead friend Garcia Lopez and help restore a family fortune. Among the papers is a two hundred year old Prophecy to reunite a set of devices and awaken knowledge from an ancient culture. In fulfilling the Prophecy of the title, an action packed series of events leads to new friendships, and adventures in recovering the devices. The climax links back to the mystery of the opening chapter. Mark and Rhian are exposed to a strange energy from the devices. They are endowed with memories from a forgotten past, which comes with a heavy burden of responsibility and an end to their innocence.


Publication Date
Sep 30, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Colin Knibb



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