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The Best of Eternal Haunted Summer: A Thirteenth Anniversary Edition

ByRebecca BuchananKim Malinowski

Hekate and Diana. Odin and Apollo. Freyja and the Witch-Lord. Eternal Haunted Summer was born in the late summer of 2009. It was created as a place where Pagans and polytheists and witches (and non-Pagans with a love of the old myths) could feature their short stories and poems and essays with those of a like mind and similar beliefs and practices. EHS has grown steadily over the years, due entirely to the wonderful contributors whose works fill its digital pages. Without their creativity and talent, EHS would not exist; it would have disappeared long ago. This thirteenth anniversary edition is a celebration of their work. I love every piece that appears in Eternal Haunted Summer, and I just wish that I could have included them all here. These poems, essays, and short stories range from tragic to triumphant, from exciting to despairing, from comic to horrific, from grotesque to sensual, from erotic to subtle; here you will find odes to terrible Gods, exciting tales of adventure, melancholy meditations on creation, and wonderings at the nature of human and divine hearts. These are the best of Eternal Haunted Summer. I hope that you find them as inspiring as I do.


Publication Date
May 9, 2023
Religion & Spirituality
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
Edited by: Rebecca Buchanan, By (author): Kim Malinowski, By (author): Shannon Connor Winward, By (author): Bran Keane, By (author): Alison Leigh Lilly, By (author): Michael Routery, By (author): Tristan Beiter, By (author): Ngo Binh Anh Khoa, By (author): Gemma Files, By (author): Scott J. Couturier, By (author): Deborah Guzzi, By (author): Juli D. Revezzo, By (author): Maxwell I. Gold, By (author): Mary Soon Lee, By (author): Sara Cleto, By (author): Brittany Warman, By (author): Deborah L. Davitt, By (author): Penelope Friday, By (author): John W. Sexton, By (author): Alicia Cole, By (author): Ruby Sara, By (author): Clay Franklin Johnson, By (author): Sandi Leibowitz, By (author): Kelly Jarvis, By (author): Gerri Leen, By (author): Sarah Sadie, By (author): Tahni J. Nikitins, By (author): K.A. Opperman, By (author): Kaye Boesme, By (author): Daniel Stride, By (author): Michaela Macha, By (author): Steven Klepetar, By (author): Juleigh Howard-Hobson, By (author): Jennifer Lawrence, By (author): Joel Zartman, By (author): Ashley Dioses, By (author): Allister Nelson, By (author): Sylvia Kelso, By (author): C.S. MacCath, By (author): Kyla Lee Ward, By (author): Hillary Lyon, By (author): Laurence Raphael Brothers, By (author): Adam Bolivar, By (author): Elizabeth R. McClellan, By (author): Adele Gardner, By (author): Colleen Anderson



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