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Waking The Core Of Man

The Gateway To Separating Yourself From The Average Man With Dating, Attraction, & Love

BySelna KimConnor McCanless

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Club Promoting – The shady organization that lies behind the scenes of the world’s biggest nightclubs where men, who are chosen, go to transform themselves from loser and reject to undoubtedly irresistible with the opposite sex. Waking up at 21 years old, Connor (Selna Kim) McCanless realized he would be a failure forever with the opposite sex unless he did something about it. In less than 2 years, he was able to turn his life completely around, starting with discovering a secret organization. One that laid in the shadows, pulling the strings behind the success of the Midwest’s most famous clubs. ‘Letter-Jay’ was a codename for a member that had all of the secrets behind meeting, attracting, dating, and winning the heart of the women he’s always dreamed of. They met as kids when they both were living broke and next to an Indianapolis train yard, but Jay had weaseled his way from poverty to riches in 18 months using only his attraction, seduction, and networking skills. The Midwest recruited him to pack the clubs with people; beginning to make most people’s monthly income in just a few nights. Learning under Letter-Jay for a few months, he unlocked the secrets to spark desire with any woman. When Letter-Jay began to notice his rapid acceleration in success with the opposite sex, he was introduced by Letter-Jay to the top dog - the leader of the industry. They quickly witnessed Kim’s potential, classifying him a permanent spot in this community as ‘Letter-C’. Discovering the other members, who were on par if not better than Letter-Jay, including Letter-H, X, Z and more, Letter-C sapped their skills and knowledge with the opposite sex. These skills catastrophically impacted the clubbing industry, bringing finer women into the clubs and more men that followed them in there. With that, it became a lifestyle of private jets, raves, VIP, models, and celebrities. Clubs across the Midwest hired them to turn their gasping-for-air clubs into region hot spots. He joined the community to find love, but he became addicted, cold, and dark. Power created greed, and it was rotting him. Either he would relearn what it takes to love, or dive so deep into greed that he would lose himself forever. “This stuff is powerful material,” Selna Kim quotes. “It’s the gateway to becoming the man all men want to be and all women desire. Use this power for good, for if you let it use you then it will consume you, it will hurt others, and it will leave you with nothing."


Publication Date
Sep 28, 2020
Parenting & Families
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By (author): Selna Kim, By (author): Connor McCanless


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