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ByCourtney Phillips

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TOO AWAKE TO FALL ASLEEP & TOO ASLEEP TO BE AWAKE is a collection of poetry by Courtney Phillips. It is a funeral & resurrection of self. It is raw, vulnerable, & digs its hands deep into the dirt of grief, anxiety, depression & disassociation to pull at the roots like loose teeth. "This book & the poems within have been a balm, a crutch, & a raft whilst I was drowning. The writing, after a year of no words, has helped me make sense of things that otherwise felt senseless." – C. PHILLIPS. “There is an urgency to TOO AWAKE TO FALL ASLEEP & TOO ASLEEP TO BE AWAKE that demands your immediate attention — it pulls you into its pages and doesn’t let go. With descriptive, dreamy language, Courtney Phillips asks what we’re able to build from the wreckage of our lives, and how to find ourselves again in the aftermath. These are poems that you’ll see yourself inside of, and will want to return to again and again.” — CAITLIN CONLON, AUTHOR OF THE SURRENDER THEORY “TOO AWAKE TO FALL ASLEEP & TOO ASLEEP TO BE AWAKE feels like a gentle hand to hold in the darkest, longest nights— when there's no one left to turn to. It is a collection that says, "I see you, I understand." instead of rushing you to pretend like everything is okay. Courtney captures emotions I've never seen in poetry before. She has put layered feelings, complex experiences, and nuances of being human into words in such a magnificent way— it makes this collection singular & invaluable. My heart stopped when reading Artifact, Formation, and I don't want to burn. — I never expected those emotions, those vulnerable parts of a person to be reflected, acknowledged, or accepted— let alone so beautifully. Courtney's voice, her poems, are not only wanted— they're needed.” — RACHEL CLIFT, AUTHOR OF TO FEEL ANYTHING AT ALL & BEAUTY EXISTS SO CLOSE TO AGONY “Courtney Phillips’ newest collection is for the night owls. TOO AWAKE TO FALL ASLEEP & TOO ASLEEP TO BE AWAKE is a compelling collection full of humble truths. Phillips’ distinct voice is prominent throughout the poems. Her attention to detail, imagery, and her to demand to reflect is explosive. Any reader looking for solace and a place to confide in, will find it within these pages.” — ZANE FREDERICK, AUTHOR OF (HE)ART. & I AM TIRED OF BEING A DANDELION


Publication Date
Aug 26, 2022
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Courtney Phillips


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