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How to Make a Passive Income with NFT Investing for Beginners

The Complete Guide to Learning the Art of Digital Assest, Cryptocurrency, Stock Market, Non-Fungible Token, Blockchain Gaming and Metaverse

ByCrash Course & Options Trading Academy

What is an NFT? Would you like to fully understand the NFT world and be able to consciously invest in it to generate huge profits? You've probably heard about by now: Non-fungible tokens, or NFT's for short. Today, we are standing at the precipice of change. NFT market brings you the unique opportunity that you could start making money from things that were once untradable - digital music, art, and even your tweets on Twitter. Also, even the traditional world of physical art and collectibles is joining the NFT revolution. However, what exactly are NFTs? Of course, most importantly, how can regular investors, like you and me, get in early enough to make big profits? An NFT usually represents a digital asset, like: Virtual collectibles Memes Videos Tweets Online artwork Music GIFs Video game data (in-game items, virtual avatars, skins, etc.) Generally, digital creations are unlimited in supply (which would make them a fungible asset). Anything online can be copied and shared. NFTs try to fix this by creating scarcity and designating a digital creation as the “original.” If you own an NFT of any digital asset, then you own the original asset. For example, if you purchase the NFT of a meme, then you technically own the meme. The future of the internet includes virtual worlds where humans can interact without the confines of physical space. Welcome to the age of the metaverse. According to analysts’ estimates, these virtual environments could be the next big investment opportunity. Although the metaverse is still evolving, the technology can revolutionize everything from e-commerce to social media and even real estate. As audiences for these virtual environments grow, so does the interest from corporations trying to capitalize on this trend. In this book, we aim to help you better understand what the NFT is and how you might profit from the technology. In this guide, you will learn: How to choose Crypto Wallets to get started investing NFTs Investing by buying NFTs The basics of NFTs, blockchain, and cryptocurrency NFTs in metaverse How to value NFTs Step-by-step instructions on creating NFTs Everything that matters to you when you buy NFTs The real downsides of NFTs and cryptocurrency How to Sell, Trade, and Swap NFTs How to make a profit in the Metaverse And more…


Publication Date
May 20, 2022
Business & Economics
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By (author): Crash Course & Options Trading Academy



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