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The War Correspondent Vol 27 No.4 January 2010

ByCrimean War Research Society

Sevastopol Cemetery at Dnepropetrovsk by Dr. Alexei Dyomin; Young Mackenzie had a farm, by Yuri Kulikov, Elena Kulikov, and Maj Colin Robins; After the fall of Sevastopol by John Barham; Edmund Gilling Hallewell's Panoramas by Rhian Wong; The 1st (Royal) Regt of Dragoons by Maj F A 0 Clark; Matthew Skinner Smith, From Ensign to Captain, by Peter Conole; Resting Places of Our Fallen Heroes by Glenn Fisher; Siege of Bomarsund from the Deck of the Foam transcript from Henrik Salminen; Tidbits on Some Crimean Veterans transcript from Ian and Helen Smith; Great Military Disasters ed. By Michael Haskew—Review by David Cliff; The First Pacific War: Britain and Russia 1854-1856 by John D. Grainger—review by Ian R. Stone; To Do and Die by Patrick Mercer—reviewed by Mark Davidson; The Cost of the War; Observations and Updates, from Our Editor Emeritus; On the Soyer Stove and the Russian Trophy Gun Census; Offers to CWRS Members from Publications Officer Mark Davidson; Tales of Daring Do and de Riviere.


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Sep 29, 2011
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By (author): Crimean War Research Society



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