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Tales of Crystal

ByCristallin ToullecMarion Courmont

This storybook project has accompanied me since 2011, when I decided with a friend, Marion Courmont to make an illustrated storybook. It is a group of three tales for children, inspired by the Amerindian and African traditions. The first story is an adventure about transforming our own fears and the journey that it represented for me to trust myself and start writing. The second one, honours the sacred land of the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, thanks to which my inner process of change was possible. The third tale is an encouragement and support for apitherapy and my friends Yann Loranger, Adrien Thibault, and Oliver Couto who today are working in their own way, to develop a vision of holistic health, deeply linked to bees and the living. It is also an invitation to develop creativity through writing and illustration. Human beings are originally creators of meaning. The creative imagination represents a unique means given to mankind to transform his old perceptions of itself and the world and to use all the forces of beauty and inspiration which it carries in its heart to create new possibilities of existence.


Publication Date
Jul 9, 2020
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Cristallin Toullec, Illustrated by: Marion Courmont, Edited by: Institut IRESOI



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