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Flight Pattern

ByCrystal D. Wireman

A young woman, who works at as a front desk clerk at a hotel, in Riverview Arbor. The young woman works constantly, and lives alone. While working, she hears a loud BOOM. Deducting that it came from behind the hotel, she rushes out to investigate. There she finds, staggering out of a small crater, is a man. When she inquires about his condition, he simply smiles, and the mysteriously vanishes into the dust. Later on, he ends up crashing into her house. So furious she never thinks to ask questions, he ends up leaving without a word. Somewhere in Riverview Arbor, there is a very rich, very furious, very evil man, angry that a carefully planned bank robbery went awry. This man is bent on having as much money as humanly possible, by any means necessary. So he calls in his “henchmen” to find the reason for the foiled bank robbery. Turns out that the reason is the same mysterious stranger that “crash landed” into the area behind the hotel, and into the unsuspecting desk clerk's house.


Publication Date
Sep 28, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Crystal D. Wireman



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