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One Stop Shopping Bridal Boutique

ByCynthia Ford, M.S.L.

The average “bride-to-be” spends thousands of dollars to make her wedding day perfect. Finding the right dress is a high priority to all “brides-to-be”. At times, “brides-to-be” are told to order dresses that are several sizes larger than their normal dress size. Once the dress arrives, it is in need of extra alterations, which adds extra expense to the “bride-to-be” and can be very costly. Being able to purchase an array of services at one location would save time as well as deal with the stress level related to making decisions at numerous locations. Therefore, the research consisted of two questions to better understand how women feel about one stop shopping bridal boutiques. The two research questions are: 1) Is there a need and/or want for this type of business? and 2) Would women shop at a boutique and/or bridal store that offers an array of services used for weddings and receptions? These two research questions became the main objectives of this integrative project.


Publication Date
Sep 29, 2011
Business & Economics
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By (author): Cynthia Ford, M.S.L.



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