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Escape to the Volga

ByD. Philipp Kaiser

Escape to the Volga is the third of my novels spinning the tales of the struggles of different German families and their many descendants, as they emigrated ever farther away from their homeland. It starts in village Darmstadt in 1738. A happily married Lutheran couple, coachmaker Conrad Simon and wife, is caught up in who is to blame for a terrible accident. Others, actually to blame, out to protect their wealth and lives, easily take advantage and force this innocent couple to run for their very lives. As you move with them to Warenburg, and through the next 172 years, you will meet their children and their children as they live out their lives. I hope you enjoy it as a fictional story; remember, this is fiction and fantasy, and not a research manual, and you should not assume it is true. Some of it is, much of it is not! Hopefully, reading it may spark questions about your ancestors. It might help you think about GOD, from who these amazing people got their strength to continue.


Publication Date
Apr 13, 2013
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): D. Philipp Kaiser



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