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Green of the Volga

ByD. Philipp Kaiser

Green of the Volga is my ninth novel spinning the stories of the struggles of different German families and their many descendants, as they emigrated ever farther away from the old homeland. It begins in Dorf Wolf, near Büdingen, Germany in 1698. A Reformed Faith farmer, Johann Jacob Grün, marries the woman of his dreams, and all goes well… Or does it? As you move through the next 220 years, you will meet many more characters spinning out their lives. I sincerely hope you enjoy it as a fictional story; I hope you laugh, cry, get angry, and maybe sad. I hope that you feel so strongly about what you read, that you write me! Remember, this is fiction and fantasy, it is not a research manual, and you should not assume any of it true. Some of it is, much of it is not! Hopefully, reading it may spark some questions about your own ancestors and roots. And it may help you think about GOD, from who these amazing people got their strength to overcome all obstacles.


Publication Date
May 4, 2014
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): D. Philipp Kaiser



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