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The Bandy Family in America   Volume 1

The Bandy Family in America Volume 1

ByDale Bandy

This is Volume 1 of the 3 volume Bandy Family in America (Seventh Edition). This work covers extensively the family history beginning with the earliest references to family members in the 1600's and continuing through the 1950 census and beyond. Together, the three volumes run 330,000 words. Family members helped establish one American Colony and died fighting in the American Revolution. Meet the famous, almost famous, and infamous. Meet the heros, the victims, and the villains.. The Supreme Court ordered a retrial of a convicted murder who shot a magistrate in Bandy's Saloon in the Indian Territory. A tax evader was freed by the Supreme Court for retrial only to flee. There were soldiers and sheriffs, lawyers and doctors, state legislators, school superintendents, teachers, professors, and scientists. We worked the railroads, plowed the fields, spun flax, fought wars, raised families, and made music. The three volume work details thousands of family members. Whether you are interested in family yarns or family history, you should find our history fascination.


Publication Date
Jul 11, 2022
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By (author): Dale Bandy



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