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A Far Green Country

Reflections on Longing for God

ByDale Tedder

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In the end there is no end, for we were created for eternity. We are pilgrims and aliens traveling in a foreign land, longing for the City of God, not built with human hands, but eternal in the heavens. To be sure, we should not seek to hurry to the day we stand before the Lord, for each day of this life is a gift and is sacred, given us by the King of eternity to use for his glory. Yet, as 17th century pastor and author, Richard Baxter assures us, there is for those who know Christ, an indescribable rest. Can you imagine anything better, to rest in the very presence of God himself? Thus, we are called to enjoy the life God has given us here and now. Yet one day, when the Lord calls us home, let us look forward to that "far green country under a swift sunrise." I pray the reflections you read throughout this book will encourage you for living in this world, even as I pray, they will prepare you for the next. May the longing of our hearts for things unseen serve as our true north, that we might one day arrive Home. This book of devotions is ideal for personal use or as a small group discussion guide.


Publication Date
Sep 5, 2022
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Dale Tedder


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Black & White
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