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Kevin (Or The Latter Days of Romulus Augustulus: Last Emperor of Western Rome)

ByDan Nokes

Explicit Content
500 AD (Give or take a decade or two???) It’s been nearly 25 years since the collapse of The Western Empire. King Theodoric rules over it’s remains. In the east Constantinople Is the shining jewel of civilization. Barbarian tribes roam the countryside. The roads are a bit of a mess, and the postal routes are slower now than previous. But this is not about The Eastern Emperor, or Theodoric or even the bloody pope?! (Either one of them?!) This is the tale of the last Western Emperor and what he has Been up to since the collapse of antiquity. Join us as we ponder the questions that have plagued expert historians and rank amateurs that watched a couple of gladiator movies alike, such as: “Were the dark ages really that dark, or just a bit on the dim side?” “Where at the public beheadings was considered THE SPLASHZONE” and “On what days of the week did the coliseum hold “family friendly” entertainment? These and More can be found in the newly uncovered journal of… KEVIN (Or The Latter Days of Romulus Augustulus-Last Emperor of Western Rome)


Publication Date
Dec 21, 2023
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Dan Nokes



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