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Language Learning in Foreign Language Houses

ByJennifer BownWendy Baker Smemoe

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Language Learning in Foreign Language Houses is the first volume dedicated to research and practice of domestic language immersion in Foreign Language Houses. Foreign Language Houses provide a unique learning environment where learners engage with their target language and culture while pursuing their studies at their home universities. The chapters in this volume contain descriptions of foreign language housing programs at universities across the United States, as well as research on language acquisition or culture learning in such programs. The descriptions of programs cover such issues as fundraising, staffing, programming, design of physical space, and integration with academic studies. The research chapters range from outcomes-based studies focusing on pronunciation to process-oriented studies examining issues of identity. The volume concludes with principles of design both of the physical space and the virtual space of Foreign Language Houses. This publication is a useful resource for practitioners aiming to improve or create a Foreign Language House as well as scholars interested in research on language and cultural learning in informal, naturalistic settings. It contains justifications for this immersive housing experience, practical recommendations for set-up and administration, and research regarding its outcomes.


Publication Date
Jul 1, 2020
Education & Language
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
Edited by: Jennifer Bown, Edited by: Wendy Baker Smemoe, Edited by: Dan P. Dewey


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