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Yielding to the Dark Elves - A Fantasy Erotic Story

ByDanica Slate

Amongst the fair elves of the surface world, the Dark Elves are spoken of only in whispers. Twisted, tortured, lost souls, they had once been as good as the surface elves, but long ago forsook the sun and descended to the depths of the underworld to bask in decadance and sin. Alyss didn’t believe a word of it. She would not admit to her family, but she harbored a fascination for the Dark Elves and their candid, unabashed ways. And so it was a secret rush of pleasure that she descended into the depths of their kingdom, cuffed and bound, the first to be allowed passage from the upper realms in many a year. It was supposed to be a diplomatic mission. It wasn't supposed to end with her thrown into a dungeon, subject to the Dark Elven princes every whim. But most of all, she wasn't supposed to so easily submit to his dark will, to find herself lost amidst the world of pleasure and debauchery he introduces her to... She wasn't supposed to willingly become his personal slave...


Publication Date
Jan 2, 2014
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Danica Slate



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