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A Classic Path Through High School

Life Lessons for Early Teens

ByDaniel Hickey

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Want your kids to have a well-rounded education? Discover how you can help make their minds strong. Need to know how to confidently navigate a sea of misinformation for young people? Trying to figure out how to reinforce the most effective lessons? Worried that your high-performing adolescents will make the wrong life choices? As a busy father of three exceptional boys, author Daniel D. Hickey embraces the Socratic method to teach today’s youth how to achieve their full potential. Now he’s here to share a holistic approach to avoiding the pitfalls of the teenaged years and discovering personal destiny. A Classic Path Through High School: For Exceptional Early Teens is the essential step-by-step handbook to frame time-honored events and lessons the right way to promote adolescent achievements. Through detailed examples in the chapters God, Country, Sex, Drugs, Rock, and Roll, your children will develop a new perspective on history that will transform into long-term results. And by turning education into an ongoing and exciting journey, you’ll foster wonder and awe in students already close to the top of their game. In A Classic Path Through High School, you’ll discover: - How to see through the cloud of puberty to make the right choices - Methods for understanding and nurturing each child’s individual talents - The best techniques to establish long-lasting habits for success - Stellar examples of history’s finest minds in action - Approaches to strengthening family bonds, developing stronger educational thirst, and much, much more! A Classic Path Through High School: For Exceptional Early Teens is a must-have resource that will bolster parents to help future generations become proactive seekers and achievers. If you like enlightening information, classical ethics and morals, and encouraging discussion, then you’ll love Daniel D. Hickey’s refreshing guidebook. Buy A Classic Path Through High School to advance their prospects today!


Publication Date
Feb 6, 2021
Young Adult
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Daniel Hickey


Case Wrap
Interior Color
Black & White
US Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm)

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