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Secrets Of Reading And Interacting

ByDanielle Milligan

Tam practice concentration to ensure the law: The three things that need to be stable are the grin, the eyes, and the posture of the person standing. Courage, bravery. Tam meditation refers to a way of courage development that helps leaders achieve a calm and collected condition when speaking on stage. Song, dance, practice, and the law Just specify that one is a "treasure dance" (hands and feet dance) and the other is a "mi phi color dance" in this instance of song dance (radiant face). The author uses the word "vu" in both words to refer to "dual dance." It means that when presenting a speech, facial expressions and hand gestures must be used as well. The only way to draw the audience into the lecture is by engaging in love dharma here. Song dance practice sex law, or the speech delivered while using sign language, will make the audience feel engaged and attracted to the speaker. Simplicity, dual action, and three oral resolutions: In this book, simplicity is defined as one that is straightforward and simple to remember; flexibility is defined as two examples that are flexible; and three key words are defined as those that are strung together and link ideas into a straightforward word or phrase. This is a collection of guidelines for how to convey a viewpoint that is simple to recall and how to deliver an argument that the audience will hear only once and retain forever.


Publication Date
Apr 6, 2023
Business & Economics
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By (author): Danielle Milligan



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