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How to Diagnose Cervicogenic Dizziness with the Optimal Sequence Algorithm

How to Diagnose Cervicogenic Dizziness with the Optimal Sequence Algorithm

ByHarrison VaughanDanielle Vaughan

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Have you ever had a patient come in with dizziness that you think is from the neck? Dizziness has become one of the most common manifestations in adult patients. Dizziness develops through multiple factors and different mechanisms and among all causes of dizziness, the cervical spine as the source continues to be the most controversial. A convincing pathogenesis must be based on altered sensory input from the upper cervical spine. The correct clinical diagnosis is necessary to rule out competing diagnosis and make the appropriate treatment. Understanding this elimination process for the clinical diagnosis for Cervicogenic Dizziness is necessary for clinicians treating neck pain, whiplash, concussion, dizziness and vertigo. This book takes you through the Optimal Sequence Algorithm, which is our sequence of differential diagnosis intended to make the most appropriate clinical reasoning to rule out other causes of dizziness and rule in the cervical spine through a bedside examination. This book also offers several diagnosis of Cervicogenic Dizziness, how common Cervicogenic Dizziness is, if it should be called Vertigo or Dizziness, and differing opinions from separate professions. This book is designed to provide the most direct and concise approach regarding the key points of ruling out peripheral vestibular disorders, vascular and central disorders to make the most appropriate clinical reasoning to diagnose Cervicogenic Dizziness. This is an expert collaboration between vestibular and manual professions and can be used as the go-to clinical handbook for all physical therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and physicians. It should be an essential buy for undergraduate and postgraduate clinicians looking to develop their clinical reasoning for differential diagnosis.


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Jun 16, 2022
Health & Fitness
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By (author): Harrison Vaughan, By (author): Danielle Vaughan


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