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Memoir of Shadows Solace

ByDarren Hollinshead

The final entry in the series covered by Jason Sacis. His attempts to end the Lotarian war had cost him more than he would've liked. His final entry covers his time in the Expanse. The space between our galaxies, which had never been explored by any human. His only problem is lacking the ability to return home. The Dauntarians who are his allies are their only hope. In the time that passes, the crew of the station and Relay construction site start to act strange. Their attitudes worsen and Jason begins to see something familiar about it. He feels compelled to try and solve the mystery behind everyone's behaviour. In his attempts he faces mass hallucinations and chaos. In this madness now gripping his friends and loved ones, he finds a signal in space. This leads him to the Dauntarian stronghold Achilles. Believing that the danger came from here, he boards to end it. Little to his knowledge, the greatest creation of those he calls allies lies in wait and also his greatest challenge.


Publication Date
Sep 28, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Darren Hollinshead



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