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Natural Law and Morality

ByDarryl Hutchins 2nd

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The validity of morality (based upon Natural Law) lie in it’s consistency, grounded upon the unchanging elements of our relationship with consequence and our empathy with all life. The fallacy of amorality, and those conventions which invert morality, lie in the sheer variety of those conflicting so-called values in the light of mans existing in but one state, regardless of the several paradigms and worldviews leading to those individualist, nationalist, racist, and sexist, abstractions. What I would address here is not the idea that human histories philosophers have failed to produce a proper moral system, but that nearly all human philosophies (religion, culture, government) willfully and deliberately obfuscate humanities natural moral intuition, that is to say our natural inclination towards Natural Law, the Higher Will, or in a single word the 'Numinous'(1). I would suggest also that the installation of unnatural valuations during ones formative years is the only means of producing willful slaves, a process known commonly as indoctrination, but not so commonly recognized. This is specifically because the Higher Will, once formed, insist upon assuming personal responsibility for itself and its direct relationship to Natural Law consequence, or I might say the navigation of the topography of the Plane of Causation, rather than submitting oneself to an external will, becoming thereby isolated upon the Plane of Effects. For this reason, I would explore the primary tactics used against humanity, which are leading you away from Natural Law, and into subjectivity to what has come to be known as common law legalities and corporate economics, the current god(s) of this world, neither of which actually exist outside of ones own mind-space.


Publication Date
Jan 29, 2022
Social Science
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By (author): Darryl Hutchins 2nd


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