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A Nation At Even Greater Risk - Paperback

How To Quickly Go From BAD To BEST For Less

ByDavid Cary

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If you were given the chance to lead a failed high school, what would you do to revolutionize academic results? Could you transform a school that sent less than 20% of their teens to any form of post-secondary education, into a place where 80% later graduated from top universities? Could you do it, if you had the same budget used today? What would you add, or subtract to achieve this? A Nation At Even Greater Risk examines the reforms educators have been arguing about for decades. It proves what efforts help all able-minded students make it to college, and which initiatives perpetuate failure. It details what the winners do differently than status quo schools. This book upends conventional wisdom and dismantles educational dogma. A Nation At Even Greater Risk proves it is possible to reach the most ambitious goals, contends our schools can close achievement gaps, and our nation can more than DOUBLE the number of teens who are fully prepared to attend, and succeed at our finest four-year colleges. Getting there starts by accepting the truth about where we are now and ends with leveraging the lessons of those who help nearly every student beat the odds, no matter the student’s personal circumstance. This work brings new understanding to the real state of our schools. It clearly identifies the true causes of American’s poor academic results and uses new analytics to pinpoint the solutions. It is up to us. Our children can win. . . if we bring the right action!


Publication Date
Dec 2, 2021
Education & Language
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By (author): David Cary


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