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Game Time- Strategies on Winning

ByDavid Gwodzik

In Game Time players and teams are not playing against the opposition, they are playing out their rehearsed strategies! Game Time cultivates a champion's spirit. Energy controls mass effort providing added power based on effortless action in space-time relationships. You control the moment by slowing down the inner game clock. The outer game clock moves relative to the moment as it occurs. The inner game clock is not controlled by the relative moment thus enabling you to interact, move and position your self more advantageously. Controlled breathing and quiet-mind over sustained periods supports strategic visualization. Superior results are gained by practicing Down-Time techniques daily. When you understand the difference between your inner clock and outer personal fields, you gain access to the zone. With consistencey, you learn to master the physical realms - spheres that you engage! Great game time performances are played in space-time dimensions.


Publication Date
Sep 30, 2011
Personal Growth
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By (author): David Gwodzik



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