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Bomb-A-Thon or: Fear is Money

ByDavid Howell

When a cat burglar steals a thermo-nuclear weapon from a terrorist burlesque show, all hell breaks loose in Freedom City, U.S.A. and its up to Captain Capone and his “Freedom Security Squad” to retrieve the bomb, even if they have to arrest everybody. Meanwhile, as the whole town goes on lock down, the missing weapon of mass destruction ends up in the hands of nuclear physicist (and German Expressionist) Doctor Rotten who intends to dismantle the deadly prop. However, before his ambitious plan to save the world is realized, the bomb is pinched once again. This time, the doomsday devise becomes an altarpiece for a cult of sentient rodents who wish to destroy the human race, thus promoting the common vermin to the top of the food chain. Will the forces of freedom and good intentions find the bomb before its too late? Keep on reading!


Publication Date
Jan 22, 2012
Comics & Graphic Novels
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): David Howell



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