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The Second Nail

Legend of The Centurion

ByDavid LewisDavid Lewis

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Centurion Artemus Longinus has finished his assigned duty to crucify three Roman prisoners in Jerusalem. Crucifixions were routine in this Roman Province; however, this execution would not be. Lives will be lost, lives will be changed, and a Secret Brotherhood would be born, The Brotherhood of the Nails. Behind the scenes, lurking in the shadows, a sinister presence seeks the power he believes the execution nails have. The power of the Divine for these nails were used to crucify the Son of God. His sacred blood remained on the nails, thus leading many to believe they had supernatural powers. Through the centuries a malevolent being, Sinistrus, searched for the hidden relics, but to no avail save one of the three. Until a modern-day descendant of the centurion, Dr Artemus Long, renowned archeologist from the University of Florida, discovered clues to the locations of the legendary Holy Relics. The three nails of the crucifixion, also known as the ferrum clavorum, had been hidden by the centurion at the instruction of a mysterious slave known as Aratus, a being of Light. Dr. Long’s obsession with finding the holy relics was not for fame or professional recognition, but to use the legendary powers of the nails to heal his wife’s blindness. Just as the blood from Christ, according to legend, had cured the centurion’s ailing eyes as he pierced the side of Jesus, in the same manner the good doctor hoped to cure Sophie’s darkness. But the true darkness was not in Sophie, but in Artemus Long’s heart, for he had turned from his faith after prayers went unanswered to restore Sophie’s eyesight. The inevitable archeological expedition to find one of the nails, the second nail, became more than an adventure to find the holy relic, but a journey back to faith for Doctor Artemus Long PhD. Join the expedition in this riveting novel of intrigue, supernatural battles, mystery, love, and faith. THE SECOND NAIL. A one-of-a-kind gripping plot- unique in countless ways- filled with Truth, good and evil, honesty and betrayal, angelic battles, mayhem and intrigue, swarms and plagues, and so much more! It’s a book with nail biting suspense, page after page. THE SECOND NAIL has it all!


Publication Date
Aug 13, 2022
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
Original author: David Lewis, Illustrated by: David Lewis, Cover design or artwork by: David Lewis, Foreword by: Debra J. Head, Introduction by: Vaughn Marie Rodriguez, Editor-in-chief: Debra J. Head, Associate editor: Vaughn Marie Rodriguez


Perfect Bound
Interior Color
Black & White
US Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm)

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