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And God Created...Head Lice

And God Created...Head Lice

And lots of other strange things!

ByDavid Napier

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This is not a horticultural, zoological, entomological, or any other ‘cal- ending-word’ thesis. Neither is it an expose on evolution (I leave that to Vol one of Home From Home), though it would be, in my estimation, impossible, indeed remiss of me, not to raise some of the issues that are inherent when talking about God’s creative artistry, which, indeed is every entry I have included. I have not included everything possible i.e., all creatures, insects, and plants as it would have become a gigantic encyclopaedia, of which there are many wonderful examples. Rather, it is a collection of thoughts, ideas, queries I have about certain aspects of God’s creation. Amazing as creation is, there are still queries which, as with many other topics I raise, I have never found anyone that is just as interested as I am to discuss these issues. When is the last time you heard talks/sermons/discussions in bible class or Sunday School on how man is destroying the natural habitats of wildlife, whether in the air, on land or in the sea? Or, in line with this book, the last time you heard your minister discuss why we have head lice?


Publication Date
Oct 7, 2021
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): David Napier


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