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Birds, Beasts and a Bike Under the Southern Cross

ByDavid Stirling

<p>This is the story of David and Ruth Stirling immersed in the birds, beasts, weather and stars in New Zealand and Australia in the 1950s. Stirling has a knack for spinning tales of grand misadventures with delightful understatement. While traveling by motorcycle and camping rough, they take up a string of temporary jobs to keep alive and healthy. In that post-World War II era, intentionally travelling in such nomadic fashion was quite unusual -- enough to prompt news coverage in local papers wherever they went.</p><p> "David is a superb naturalist, an uninhibited storyteller and vivid word painter of landscapes, wildlife and people whose fun memoir will leave you learning and laughing," comments noted author Lyn Hancock.</p><p> Birder-naturalist Alan MacLeod predicts "David Stirling's lively account of a two-year-long motorcycle odyssey among the wonders of Australia and New Zealand is sure to quicken the blood and impel you to pursue your own dreams."</p><p> </p>


Publication Date
Aug 26, 2008
Travel & Adventure
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By (author): David Stirling



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