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Writing in Community

An Anthology of the First Year

ByCecilia WessingerSuze Riley

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Throughout this mess, one thing remains: writing matters. During Writers’ Hour, there are only three rules: Welcome each other with a hot drink and a cheers. Mute your mic to start writing. Write. We’ll be there every morning with a virtual hug, homemade coffee and a determination to write. This is a community anthology from the first year of London Writers' Salon.


Publication Date
Nov 12, 2021
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
Preface by: Cecilia Wessinger, Cover design or artwork by: Suze Riley, Compiled by: Christine DePedro, Foreword by: Matt Trinetti, Foreword by: Parul Bavishi, By (author): Viv Allen, By (author): Anne Aylor, By (author): Regina Beach, By (author): Judi Burger, By (author): Kathleen Caprario-Ulrich, By (author): Peppur Chambers, By (author): Barbara Clark, By (author): Devin Dingler, By (author): Lois Ann Dort, By (author): Sue du Feu, By (author): Kathleen Fullerton, By (author): Lynne Halliday, By (author): Jenny Hammerton, By (author): Mary Senior Harwood, By (author): Jodi Hausen, By (author): Carmen Hedges, By (author): Beth Hendrickson, By (author): S. Hagan Jones, By (author): Dawn Keller, By (author): Haroon Khan, By (author): Christian Svanes Kolding, By (author): Anne Macaulay, By (author): Eleanor Margolies, By (author): Anne McCarthy, By (author): Andres Mendoza, By (author): moqshaa, By (author): Constance Moylan, By (author): Kay Newhouse, By (author): Tracy O’Brien, By (author): Lindsay Oliver, By (author): Manisha Patel, By (author): Stéphane G. Perahim, By (author): Rawad Raidan, By (author): Kate Randerson, By (author): Sue Ransom, By (author): Emily Reid, By (author): Roman Ryan, By (author): Jack Sevana, By (author): Elise Seyfried, By (author): Priya Singh, By (author): Sue Sutherland, By (author): Cilene Tanaka, By (author): Barrie Tankel, By (author): Abigail Vint, By (author): Sophie Hannah Walker, By (author): Cara Watson, By (author): Alessandra White, By (author): David Wilson, Edited by: Maria Ordovás-Montañés


Interior Color
Black & White
US Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm)

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