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Better Than Marriage: A Guide to Sex, Spirit, Sweat and Sense in Romantic Relationships

ByDavis Woods-Morse

As a lawyer and mediator, Davis Woods-Morse helps couples have healthier divorces. What does he have to offer for couples who want to stay together? Try the secrets of mind-blowing sex, spiritual kisses, mutually satisfying housework, financial peace and everyday sensuality. Davis Woods-Morse boldly demands that people have more fun in long-term, committed relationships and has written a book that is part travel guide, part cookbook and part novel. It sets out an easy-to-follow plan to romantic bliss that everyone can get excited about. The guide describes how couples, especially married and committed couples, can re-kindle their romance by going on creative dates. Once the connection has heated up, the guide suggests ways to create agreements that will sustain the relationship and avoid common pitfalls. Let the love and laughter roll! Your relationship deserves it!


Publication Date
Sep 29, 2011
Parenting & Families
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By (author): Davis Woods-Morse



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