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Sacred Knight: The Three Books - Legend 1

ByDawn Blair

The fate of two people separated by 1000 years is about to collide. Magic is returning to a world that had tried hard to forget it and with deadly consequences. One warrior for the temple of the goddess Alityka swears to do whatever he has to in order to stop the magic. It's an oath that takes him through history, brings his world to the brink of war, destroys those he loves, and leaves him wielding the very magic he'd sworn to eradicate. The legend begins here. All his life Steigan wanted to be dominus (a warrior for Alityka). Now he's earned that title. One night while fulfilling his duties, he comes across a woman alone in the forest chanting the old rites to the Goddess. She seems to know a lot about him. Is she using magic over him? Why is it that her questions leave him feeling empty and not knowing who he is anymore? And, will it leave him so unsure of himself that he falters in battle?


Publication Date
Jun 3, 2007
Comics & Graphic Novels
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By (author): Dawn Blair



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