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DELIBERATE CONSCIOUSNESS: The Continuous Act of Renewal

ByDawna Anne Cosme

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The ORIGINAL Heart-Activation & Mindfulness book, since 2008! Search no more! Deliberate Consciousness is your 1-2-3 Guide for the shift you've been seeking. ★★★★★Thanks Dawna Cosme for this VERY HELPFUL book! March 6, 2016 - "I loved the brevity, large print, font style and ease of reading...helped with imprinting her ideas in my mind. I learned to recognize some very personal "Oops" moments. I felt a shift and desire to correct personally unacceptable behavior. I felt this positive shift when I quit and deleted a couple of online games to which I am addicted. I can see many corrections and improvements in my life in the future, God willing. Thanks Dawna Cosme!" -texttwist for Deliberate Consciousness "It's inspirational, challenging and very worth it. Lets you discover you." -Robyn Cosme "Very good book, super easy to read, and insightful!"  -Ana Lopes Soares "Friends!...a beautiful little book that is quite simply, FANTASTIC." -Shaylene Caywood "Enjoyed this Book A must have!" –Eileen Tyne Pina, Entrepreneur "If you want to have answers about ‘Why you do what you do’ or ‘Why you are playing small when deep down you know that you are a sleeping giant', then read Dawna’s book DELIBERATE CONSCIOUSNESS! Ready, Set, Read! The book you are about to read is a 10!" –Bibi Angola, Publisher, Make a Difference Publishing and Author of an Educational Series, The Gentle Red Pen   The more you follow this guide, the more your self-awareness grows, and GROWS! -Easy 1-2-3 guide for accessing your higher mind and intuition -A Purple Glowing Heart with Angelic being at its center, highlights the artistic cover -Radiating streams of Light add a dynamic effect -Cover design elements provide inspiration -Popular digest format MIND, BODY & SPIRIT Deliberate Consciousness...Enlightenment isn't rocket science! #heartsexy Dawna Anne Cosme SDMD, M.A.


Publication Date
Mar 22, 2019
Personal Growth
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By (author): Dawna Anne Cosme


Perfect Bound
Interior Color
Black & White
Digest (5.5 x 8.5 in / 140 x 216 mm)

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