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The Aphrodisiac and Herbal Recipe book

ByDaybor George

Our Herbal Recipe book "The Aphrodisiacs and Herbal Recipe book" is an outstanding and easy to use guide to making various powerful and effective African Aphrodisiacs, Kayanmata, herbs and Local Agbo from the comfort of your home without side effects, also without spending much money. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets The content and recipe from the book was gotten from herbal professionals, intense research and Agbo sellers in Nigeria. This book consist of easy ways and recipe to make; Herbs for pile, Bigger erection, Quick ejaculation solutions, Sweetener and Lubricant for women, Hips and Breast enlargement for women, Fertility, Infection solutions etc. Advantages of this Book: 1. You will be able to make powerful African Aphrodisiacs and herbs from the comfort of your home without breaking a sweat. 2. You can Download the Digital books on your phone and use it on the go. 3. The Recipe or herbal names are translated into English, Yoruba and hausa in order to get the herbs, roots or recipe locally in Nigeria or aboard in your country. 4. You will save a lot of cash on buying herbal products while you stay healthy.


Publication Date
Oct 3, 2021
Health & Fitness
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By (author): Daybor George



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