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Uncle Martin and the Gang Discusses: INXS

ByDee Dee Rivera

Explicit Content
Another compilation book. One of the biggest subjects among UMG Productions' most prominent author is the subject of INXS. Ms. Rivera is a huge fan of the band! And has devoted several stories to the subject. These are some of the stories she has thought up and published to UMG Productions. INXS Goes to Mount St. Helens combines the author's two favorite subjects in one story. INXS are on tour and their bus breaks down in the small town of Toutle, while they were on their way to see the volcano. Luckily, Candi and her pets live right in front of where their bus broke down and they are able to help the guys get back on the road. As well as take them up to see the mountain. In the second story, One Day In November..., Ms. Rivera remembers the lead singer, Michael Hutchence, on the day he died in Australia. In the third story, Jon's Nightmare, which has just been released, Jon Farriss is taking a nap on a sofa backstage during a tour, and seems to have woken up into a strange world. This book is sure to delight INXS fans everywhere, and maybe even bring humor to the lives of some non-fans.


Publication Date
Oct 17, 2020
Comics & Graphic Novels
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By (author): Dee Dee Rivera



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