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Examining Career Development In Jamaica and Australia

ByDenise N. Fyffe

Like many other nations, Australia experienced social and economic transformation. They had to implement career development measures that would sustain the progress needed because their way of life was being threatened by the international crisis happening around them. To do this Australia utilized mediums that would successfully create new programs, services, schemes, and benefits. From the 1920s to the present, these practices are still kept in place and are revised often as well as new ideas implemented. The change pushed Australia to focus on new ways of survival. At present in Jamaica, many of the graduates of secondary institutions enter the job market ill-equipped to access the opportunities available to them. For some, there is inadequate basic academic preparation; for most, there is inadequate career education. The world of work has grown very complex and numerous career options are open to students. Educational decisions made rather early in the school life of students will have a decisive influence on their access to careers of choice later on. It is important that career awareness, career exploration and career preparation activities be incorporated into their early education.


Publication Date
May 22, 2015
Education & Language
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By (author): Denise N. Fyffe



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