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13 Years of Emotions

13 Years of Emotions

Becoming D. Carr Lee Perez

ByDevika Carr, Esq.

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This is a visual story about emotions being navigated for 13 years through painting. D. Carr Lee Perez is an artist who began painting at age 23 during a period of emotional and mental distress. Through her technique, she selects acrylic hues based solely on how she is feeling, rarely setting expectations about the paintings she creates. Rather, she uses the therapeutic motion of pushing paint along blank canvases to explore the depths of her feelings with authenticity and absent judgment. Embarking on this experience has led to mostly abstract artwork which is brightly featured throughout this book. The artworks are shown in full photographs alongside their titles and dimensions of the actual gallery-wrapped canvases on which they were designed. The book features some literary explanations of the quality and character of D. Carr Lee Perez’s art and process for exploration, but she leaves to the imagination what is most desired: finding comfort through art to strengthen our mental health so we may heal and thrive. With a printed format similar to a coffee-table book for display and calming reference, this book is a must for anyone seeking a visual connection with the range of emotions we feel daily and anyone who appreciates the beautiful link between our thoughts, emotions, and art.


Publication Date
Aug 5, 2022
Art & Photography
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Devika Carr, Esq.


Case Wrap
Interior Color
US Letter Landscape (11 x 8.5 in / 279 x 216 mm)

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