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Secrets of Yoga, God & Universe

Secrets of Yoga, God & Universe

ByDharam Vir Mangla

The universe is the Creation and Manifestation of Brahman the ultimate reality. Universe is not different from God and is the physical body of God. Since time immemorial both the yogis and the scientists are busy in searching this Ultimate Truth and the path for salvation of soul. As the ultimate truth is one and can never be contradictory to any scientific or spiritual system, I decided to synthesize both and remove the existing differences and misconceptions between the two.Aim of the book is to understand better our relation with universe & God. I have tried my best not to twist any spiritual, scientific or historical fact to prove my point. To an ordinary man the universe around looks real in every sense. But all the Holy Scriptures and great saints have declared the universe as Unreal, a Dream and a Thought in the Mind of God. We are confused and want to know the truth. The Maya of God and the limitations of our sense organs is the biggest hindrance in knowing the absolute truth.


Publication Date
Mar 18, 2016
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Dharam Vir Mangla



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